Skinboosters treatment | Aqua lifting injection | Mesotherapy

Skinboosters treatment | Aqua lifting injection | Mesotherapy


glamour hyaluronic acid skinboosters

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid Skinboosters | Korea Aqua Lifting | Mesotherapy

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid Skinboosters

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is hyaluronic acid based on a unique nano mesh cross linked technology with a combination of glutathione and adenylic acid. The multi cross linked nano molecules structure enhances the maintenance of skin boosters within’ the mesoderm layer of the skin. Along with glutathione and adenylic acid, it will show the best result of skin whitening and reduce of fine lines. With this new innovative technology,Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is the only product that you do not need to add any other products to achieve the multi-function result. Glamour is the only hyaluronic acid skinboosters in the market with multi-function. One syringe of Glamour, not only just to keep your skin moisture and reduce fine lines. It also make your skin more brighten with even skin tone.Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is unique in the market, we called the fourth-generation of Korean skinboosters.

As seek on advertisement, having mesotherapy skinboosters treatment for just once, it is about 1000 pieces of moisture facial mask. So what is exactly hyaluronic acid mesolift? It is known as Aqua lifting injection in Korea.

In fact, most of the skin care products that we usually apply, the ingredients can’t be able to cross through the epidermis to completely absorbed by the skin. We usually see not much improvement when apply on the skin. A French doctor, Michael Pistor, proposed the “mesotherapy” proposal in 1952. The conclusion of the mesotherapy was that the absorption rate of ingredients in the mesoderm layer was 6,000 times more, comparing to direct apply on the skin. The mesoderm is between the epidermis layer and the dermis layer. It is the key for the skin to absorb nutrients. Korean medical professionals began to draw attention to it. By injecting hyaluronic acid skinboosters into the skin mesoderm layer, the nutrients in it were completely absorbed by the skin.

Therefore, Hyaluronic Acid mesolift is very particular about the depth of the skin layer, and the even amount of the nutrients into the skin. The depth of aqua lifting injection must be to the mesoderm to play its effect and role. Therefore, the Korean medical professionals invented skinboosters injector. With suction function, the equipment can suck up the skin first and then inject the skinboosters into the skin. It can adjust the depth of injection and the dose. Hyaluronic acid can be more evenly inject into the skin mesoderm.

What are the ingredients of Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters?

Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid skin booster

Let’s talk about hyaluronic acid. Strictly speaking, it should be called “moisturizer” instead. The epidermis is the protective barrier of our skin, it’s the most outer layer. It has a water content of 20% to 35%. The content of hyaluronic acid in the skin is reducing during skin aging, resulting in the increase of fine lines and losing of skin elasticity. The elasticity, hydration, and youthfulness of the skin can be enhanced by injecting appropriate amounts of hyaluronic acid. For most of the people, our skin begins to aging after 25 years old. The content of hyaluronic acid decreases when we get older. When we reach the age of 60, the hyaluronic acid within’ our skin will decrease to 1/4 of the period when we were a baby. During the loss of hyaluronic acid from our skin, the water content of the skin will decrease, resulting dryness and dullness. It will increase fine lines and uneven skin tones. All of these troubles make us look older. It is not difficult to speculate that the proper application of hyaluronic acid can rehydrate our skin.

In addition to its moisturizing effect for normal skin, hyaluronic acid also has a healing effect on wounded skin. Due to the high moisturizing of hyaluronic acid, it enlarges the intercellular space, boost up the movement of repair cells. It will maintain hydration around skin wound, activating skin self-repairing ability. Hyaluronic acid is currently the best moisturizing ingredient. The main ingredient in most of our hydration skin care products are made from hyaluronic acid.

There are different types of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid without cross-linked technology is usually used in medical treatment. It is used for orthopedic joint treatment. Since there is no cross linked in between molecules, when it is injected into the dermis layer, it will be quickly degrade and turn into water and CO2. It will then be absorbed by the body so none cross-lined hyaluronic acid will not last long. It takes one or two week to completely metabolized. This type of hyaluronic acid belongs to the first generation of aquatic products such as Hyaron, all these are used for joint treatments.

The fourth generation of hyaluronic acid in Korea currently uses the latest nano mesh cross linking technology. Cross linked cobweb-like nano mesh cross linking technology link hyaluronic acid molecules together in 360-degree . Without increasing the consistency of hyaluronic acid, it can be inject into the skin mesoderm. It stays in the skin layer and absorbs more water, making your skin looks more moisture. The latest nano-mesh cross linked technology allows hyaluronic acid to stay in the skin mesoderm longer.



When we inject skinboosters, we always have to add vitamin C to achieve the result of whitening, anti-oxidation and lightening skin pigmentation. However, due to the high sensitivity of vitamin C, many people will feel sensitive and redness occur on skin. It is suitable to replace Vitamin C with more gentle ingredient like glutathione.

Glutathione is a peptide containing Glutamate, Cysteine, and Glycine. It exists in almost every cell of the body. Glutathione helps maintain normal immune system function. It has the effect of antioxidant and integrated detoxification. Glutathione can be used not only as a drug, but also as a base material for functional foods. It is widely used in functional health supplements such as anti-aging, immunity enhancement, and anti-tumor. The cysteine in glutathione can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the process of melanin production. Thereby destroying the formation of melanin and reducing the precipitation of melanin to achieve whitening result.

Adenylic Acid


Traditional skinboosters will need to add some amount of botulinum toxin to enhance the result of removing fine wrinkles. The side effect is that once when we inject excessive amounts of botulinum toxins, it can cause facial expressions to become stiff.

The latest technology is the use of adenylate to replace the mix of botulinum toxin in skinboosters. Adenylic acid is an endogenous nucleoside distributed throughout human cells. It also participates in the expansion of coronary blood vessels and increases blood flow. Adenosine is an important intermediate for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenine, adenylic acid, and adenosine.

By adding adenosine to the hyaluronic acid skinboosters, it can play a role in activating skin cells. The metabolic activity of life is the combined result of biochemical reactions. For anti-aging result, it is often the synergy of various physiologically active substances. Adenylate plays a significant role for pore tightening, reduce fine lines and skin firming. It is a much better choice compares to the botulinum toxins.


The absorption rate of nutrients in mesotherapy is 6,000 times more than applying on the skin surface! Korea aqua lifting is the direct injection of nutrients into your skin mesoderm. Your skin is improved from inside out, which is an indispensable medical cosmetic technique that any applied skin care can’t be replace. So what kind of product can play the best role?


Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters 5 syringes set

Uneven skin tone / Loss of elasticity / Dryness / Pores / Fine Lines

One box / 5 syringes / 3ml

skinboosters mesotherapy

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters 3 syringes set

Uneven skin tone / Loss of elasticity / Dryness / Pores / Fine Lines

One box / 3 syringes / 3ml

Korea Aqua Lifting

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